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Cathie and her team have assisted over 1000 overseas couples and singles with surrogacy & egg donation

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Interviewer: You’ve been providing fertility services in Thailand for a long time and I’m told you are the person to consult for egg donation and surrogacy - can you tell me a little about your background?
Cathie: Well, I’ve been a Nurse, Family and Fertility Counselor, Women’s Health Adviser, and Natural Therapist working with women in pregnancy and labor since 1978
and have been working as a Fertility Consultant in Bangkok since 2006.

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How I Can Assist You

My service is for Intending Parents who are seeking Gestational Surrogacy and/or Thai or Caucasian Egg Donation. I have assisted hundreds of couples and singles during my 7 years in Thailand and will help you to choose the right program to suit your needs and budget. As one of Thailand's success stories myself I want you to be successful in your quest for a family too, and I will do everything in my power to support you in that. Every aspect of my support is focused on achieving a positive outcome for my patients. I am very proud of the uncompromising and personalized attention our medical and support staff give to our patients and that treatments such as Gestational Surrogacy, Thai Egg Donation, Caucasian Egg Donation and IVF/ICSI at our clinics have such excellent outcomes.

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